Why am I being asked to register for this site?

Registering for this site will allow you to make purchases that will be stored on this site for download from any location for seven days following the purchase. In addition, the site will keep track of what songs have been added since you last visited the site. Registering will also allow you to make comments on the blog.

Is buying music off this site actually safe?

Yes. The financial transaction is handled entirely by PayPal's secure site. I never even see your personal information other than your email address. Once the transaction is complete, PayPal notifies this site and your downloads are made available. If you suspect something has gone wrong in this process, I encourage you to email me, and I will personally set things straight.

What is this Creative Commons business?

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that provides legal licenses to people who wish to share their creative works more freely than traditional copyright allows. This means that I will never sue you for copying my songs, or using them in your own noncommercial works, such as videos or remixes. I only require that you give me credit whenever you use one of my songs. In other words, YouTube videos featuring my songs: allowed and encouraged.

Why aren't your little song players working for me?

If your volume is up and speakers are connected, that depends on your browser. If you are using Safari or Chrome, you should make sure you have the most recent version of the browser, to ensure HTML5 audio for mp3s is supported. If you are using Firefox or another browser, you may want to update your version of Flash Player.

And please, if you are using Internet Explorer, switch to Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Opera.

Is that actually your brain in the header image?

Yes, yes it is.

I am traveling along the Connecticut coast line. Do you know where I can buy a good loaf of pumpkin bread?

Yes! You will want to go to Bishop's Orchards at 1355 Boston Post Rd Guilford, CT. They have many tasty products there. Their pumpkin bread and other tea breads are my personal favorites.