Dinosaur Comics - March 9th, 2011

I've been a reader of Dinosaur Comics for some time. I'd been thinking of doing some sort of music homage to it, but wasn't sure how to best do that while remaining true to the spirit of the comic itself. When a bunch of fans started sharing translations of this comic in different languages, it occurred to me that I could do my own "translation" by setting the words to music. The resulting piece is all over the place and comical (I'd like to think) just like the comic itself, so I feel pretty good about that.

It was fun to write music for words other than my own, because I got to match musical styles to the content of the words, like how Utahraptor is more jazzy to contrast with T-Rex's more rock style. I also wrote questions and side comments to somewhat reflect their place in the conversation.

Released on 3 April 2011.

In French, each nouns in either a boy or a girl, which means you've got a 50% chance of making a mistake that does not impact the ACTUAL meaning of your sentence, but which still makes you wrong. This is how French says "screw you" to every student of the language.

That's right! I've finally confirmed what we've all suspected.

And French isn't the only dick here: most Indo-European languages have gendered nouns too. We don't have infinite space in our brains, and speakers of these languages are forced to use up precious neurons remembering whether the moon - THE MOON, ladies and gentlemen - is a boy or a girl. SPOILER ALERT: it's a dude to the Polish and a chick to the French. Woo hoo. Hey, hope you didn't need to remember where you put your keys!

Did someone just fail a French test?

If you're asking if I failed to care about imaginary moon sex organs, then YES.

Man, why don't we give everything a sexual orientation too, while we're at it? From now on, the moon is gay! The Earth is heteroflexible, and the moon: 100% SUPER HOMOSEXUAL.

So it's a lesbian to the French and a gay dude to the Polish?


Attention world! This started out as sarcasm but now I'm honestly 100% behind the idea of a gay French moon!


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