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This is what I've been up to lately.

Dinosaur Comics - March 9th, 2011 Play free more
Lyrics by Ryan North, author of Dinosaur Comics.
The trick to writing music to words that were not intended to be lyrics is to vary wildly between time signatures.

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Skullcrusher Mountain Play $1 more
Written by Jonathan Coulton
I decided Mr. Coulton's version didn't have enough marimba or silly voices.

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The Subjective Experience of Others Play free more
Seriously, how could we ever know the subjective experience of others?

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Banjo Back Baby Play $1 more
Playing a musical instrument: decidedly better than dealing with an ex.

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Everything and Nothing Play $1 more
I guess this is what happens when I write the music before writing any words.

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Feel Play $1 more
"Be grateful for your body. It's the only way we get to feel all this partying."
--Andrew W. K.

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The Excluded Middle Play $1 more
∀ P: (P ∨ ¬P)

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Neuroplasticity (feat. Aki Nikolaidis) Play free more
A remix of my friend's neuroscience YouTube video.

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Name Songs!

This has been an ongoing project of mine since high school.
The rules are as follows:
1. Record a song for every person that I know.
2. That song must be one minute or less in length.
3. That song can use no lyrics except that person's name.

Taylor LaFlam Play free more
"You never really know what it feels like to have a song with your name in it until it happens to you." —Taylor LaFlam upon hearing this song for the first time

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Charles Zhu Play free more
Evidently, Charles' coworkers were weirded out when he played this at work.

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Lizzie Fulton Play free more
"This made my whole year." --Lizzie Fulton

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Will Dagger Play free more
The French horn needs to be used with great care in rock music.

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Annie Rix Play free more
Key changes are so good.

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Emmah Martin Play free more
This Name Song can actually be performed by one person.

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Garry Nelson Play free more
Gary once set up his computer to play this song on startup.

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Gillian Jackson Play free more
Though I don't consciously try to make Name Songs reflect the person they're for, I do like to imagine Gillian dancing to this song.

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Molly Hart Play free more
Once I gave Molly a CD that was just this track repeated as many times as would fit on the disc.

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Vanessa Funk Play free more
How can you not write a Name Song for a girl whose last name is Funk?

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Tim Anderson Play free more
This was recorded in about fifteen minutes.

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Tim Reber Play free more
Tim told me he would write a Name Song for me. I wonder if he ever did.

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Atom Batty Play free more
The name song that started it all...

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What Daft Punk's Get Lucky would've sounded like in each decade since the 1920s.
Tim Cook, I like you, but please stop saying "do the math" when you mean "read the statistics".
RT @Pogue: oops! That great article on finishing Web articles was by @fmanjoo, not Dan Ariely--sorry! (Dan posted it to Facebook; thought it was his!)
Theory of mind can be a bitch sometimes.
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